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A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. was founded in 1996.
The company’s main focus is consulting, planning, manufacturing and assembly of advanced air pollution control systems including industrial ventilation systems, exhaust systems, particles and odor, gas separation and treatment systems.
Over the years, due to hard work, investment in research and development, maintaining high standards and a quality work force, which currently includes 45 employees, the company leads the air pollution prevention industry in Israel.
The emphasis of our work is on the development and implementation of unique installations which match the client’s needs and are an integral part of the manufacturing processes. The company functions as a “one stop shop” in the field of air quality and air pollution prevention.
We provide the following services:
*Initial client consultation
*Conducting environmental surveys
*Guiding the client in dealing with the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
*Planning, manufacturing and assembly of the optimal system for the client.
*Providing maintenance services for the client after assembling and initializing the system.
*Guiding companies to meet the requirements of the “Clean Air” act.

A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. focuses on guiding the client from the first stage of identifying the issue, presenting a number of solutions and choosing the most suitable solution for the client, conducting environmental surveys, conducting examinations by a certified laboratory, providing full support until the client meets the “Clean Air” act requirements and preventing or reducing air pollution caused by industrial activity.
Analysis and planning: Throughout the years, A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. has put an emphasis on the internal proficiency of the engineering staff in the areas of analysis and installation planning. On-site surveys, study of implementation plans, exchange of information with the internal manufacturing departments and consultation based on our vast experience are the primary and fundamental stages of our work. The initial project planning is the stage in which we categorize the issue according to each client’s individual needs and offer them a variety of operational solutions, which guarantee the best cost-benefit ratio. The guiding principle of our planning is our constant regard to the most current guidelines and regulations in the fields of hygienic safety and the environment.
The company’s activity is regulated in accordance with the ISO-9001:2015 standard.
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Manufacturing and Assembly
The internal manufacturing at A.B.P. focuses on both single installations and comprehensive projects in the field of air quality and air pollution prevention.
The internal manufacturing and quality assurance systems allow us to control and adjust our constructions even during the work process, and in doing so meet our client’s needs. In addition, the internal manufacturing allows us to professionally and swiftly intervene in order to make the necessary repairs and adjustments and in doing so guarantee the maximum assistance to the client. The QA system tracks every single step in the manufacturing process and monitors various problems and bottle-necks during the manufacturing process. All of the company’s products undergo meticulous QA examinations before their assembly in the field.
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Service and Maintenance
Our post-sale services are based on various systems for professional assistance. Our warehouse offers a wide availability of spare parts and other operational options.
The internal manufacturing department handles any issue regarding adjustments to the client’s needs, safety precautions and repairs.
The company’s service staff is available 24/7 to respond to any malfunction all across the country.
In addition, the company provides comprehensive general and preventive maintenance services for the company’s systems beyond the expiration of professional warranty.
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For several years, A.B.P. has been collaborating with the leading air pollution prevention companies in the world, such as the German DURR company and the Italian GGE Group and is the exclusive representative of these companies in Israel.
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Director General


Andrei Moroz

Director of Process Engineering Department


Benny Gottlieb

Director of Environmental Consulting and Regulation



Igor Livshitz

Senior Project Manager

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