מרשם פליטות והעברות לסביבה (PRTR)

Preparation of Yearly Reports According to the Environmental Pollutant Registry Law (PRTR) The need for preparing yearly reports stems from the environmental pollutant registry law, 2012, which stated that starting from June 2013, factories and other organizations in Israel must report yearly about their emissions and transfers (meaning any removal of pollutants or waste outside […]

ייעוץ הנדסי בנושאי איכות אוויר

Adjusting the Factory’s Needs to Environmental Laws Due to the Clean Air act coming into effect and the authorities’ requirement to prove adherence to the BAT principles, a broad engineering vision in the field of air quality is required, which includes specifically referencing each of the three triangle vertex:  The manufacture process (including process […]

כלים שימושים

Reducing Air Pollution Caused by Industrial Activity The purpose of executing the models is to evaluate the amount of the factory activity’s influence on the concentration of air pollutants in its environment. The use of models enables the analysis of the pollutant dispersion to the atmosphere. The information received from the models enables the definition […]

הנדסת תהליך

Department Description The process engineering department guides the client from the issue identification stage, presenting several possible solutions and choosing the most efficient solution for the client. A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. emphasizes the qualification of the team of engineers tasked with analyzing and designing facilities. The team works in full cooperation with the […]

כלים שימושים

Calculator Utilities Practical calculators are added to assist you. For further information and assistance please contact us. Convert concentration in PPM to mg/m3 %O2 Concentration Conversion    

סקרי BAT GAP לסוגי תעשיה שונים

Preparing Emission Permit Requests Air Emission Permit All facilities defined by the third amendment to the law will be obligated to equip themselves with an emission permit as a stipulation to their continued activity, and will be obligated to renew it every 7 years. The request for emission permits is composed of various surveys, including […]

חוק אוויר נקי

The Clean Air Act Reducing Air Pollution The Clean Air act is meant to regulate the treatment of different pollutants, while inserting them into a single legal framework. By doing so, the issue of the authority and responsibility for preventing air pollution, which was scattered among different governmental factors, was regulated after many years. The […]

שירותי אחזקה

Consultation and Engineering services Maintenance Services Preventative and Breakage Maintenance Services Our after-sale services are based on various systems for professional assistance. Our internal warehouse offers a wide availability of replacement parts and other possible options. The company keeps a permanent maintenance and service team which include four technicians who provide an immediate response to […]

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